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  • 🎓 HBCU Roundup: Trailblazers, Tackles, and Triumphs! 🌟

🎓 HBCU Roundup: Trailblazers, Tackles, and Triumphs! 🌟

This week's edition brings you groundbreaking HBCU stories from entrepreneurial success to historic athletic wins.

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This is The HBCU Roundup, your newsletter, diving into the depths of innovative achievements and stirring narratives from our campuses. As the school year winds down, let's gear up to celebrate the trailblazers shaping our HBCU community and their monumental efforts.

In This Week's Edition:

  • 🚀 Empowering HBCU Futures

  • 🎓 Morehouse Commencement Controversy

  • 🏆 HBCU Scholarship Game-Changer

  • 📢 History of Student Protests

  • 🎤 Fisk’s Commencement Celebration

🚀 ELETE: Crafting Entrepreneurs at HBCUs

Get ready to transform your business ideas into action with the ELETE Experience at HBCUs. This initiative isn't just about learning; it's about creating real-world impact with tools, mentorship, and a community that fuels your entrepreneurial drive. Tap into this powerhouse program and start your journey to becoming a leader in innovation.


It's A Black Thang: Celebrate Your Heritage!

Dive into a treasure trove of African American culture at It's A Black Thang. With a collection that spans over 5,000 items, including stunning artwork, unique figurines, stylish fashion accessories, and heartfelt holiday decorations, it's your one-stop shop for gifts that resonate with Black heritage and pride.

👉🏾 🛍️ Shop at It's A Black Thang.com today.

🎓 Morehouse Debate: Biden’s Commencement Controversy

With President Biden slated to speak at Morehouse, some students are stirring the pot, questioning if his visit is more about votes than value. Dive into this heated discussion to uncover why a presidential address at graduation is stirring mixed feelings among the grads.

🏆 Scholarship Alert: Mischief for Change

Heads up, changemakers! The Mischief for Change Scholarship is here to shake things up for HBCU students. If you’re looking to push boundaries and drive change, this scholarship could be your golden ticket. Don’t miss out on the chance to amplify your academic adventure with a hefty scholarship.

📢 Protests & Power: Atlanta's HBCU Activism Unveiled

Explore the spirited legacy of student protests at Atlanta's HBCUs—a testament to decades of activism that shaped the social landscape. From past civil rights marches to today’s movements, learn how these students champion change on and off campus.

🎤 Star-Studded Commencement at Fisk University

Get ready for Fisk University’s 150th Commencement, starring Deborah Roberts and Al Roker. This isn’t just a graduation—it's a grand celebration of history, achievements, and the future. Join in as Fisk marks this milestone with pomp, circumstance, and some familiar faces.

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🔦 HBCU Spotlight of the Week: Xavier University of Louisiana

Discover Xavier University of Louisiana, a private, historically black, Catholic university located in New Orleans. As the only Catholic HBCU, Xavier stands out for its strong commitment to healthcare education:

  • Top Producer: #1 in sending African American graduates to medical school.

  • Medical School Success: Consistently ranks in the top ten for its graduates' success in completing medical school, according to the AAMC.

  • Diverse Opportunities: Offers robust programs in sciences, arts, and the humanities, nurturing a community dedicated to academic excellence and service.

Explore the legacy and educational prowess of Xavier University.

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  • Bridging The Dream Scholarship for Grad Students - Tackle your grad school goals with a $10,000 boost from Sallie Mae. This scholarship supports graduate students from underserved communities facing financial barriers. Perfect for those enrolled in a graduate program with a 3.0+ GPA. | Apply by May 17, 2024

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  • Metropolitan Museum of Art Summer Internship - Engage deeply with art and museum practices at The Met, where interns gain firsthand experience in various departments. Participate in a rich program of gallery talks, staff presentations, and behind-the-scenes tours.

  • Gray Television Future Focus Intern Spring/Summer - Gray Television’s paid internship offers hands-on broadcasting experience, integrating you into award-winning teams where many interns advance to full-time roles.

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That’s all for this week’s HBCU Roundup! We hope you’re as inspired by these stories as we are. From celebrating achievements to exploring opportunities, we’re here to keep you connected to the heart of the HBCU community.

Catch you next week with more insights and updates. Keep shining, keep striving!

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