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  • πŸš€ HBCU Pioneers: Women Leading the Charge & Shaping Futures! ✨

πŸš€ HBCU Pioneers: Women Leading the Charge & Shaping Futures! ✨

Unpack this week's stories of groundbreaking HBCU women, alumni achievements, and unique opportunities. Don't miss out!

Happy Monday HBCU Fam!

This is The HBCU Roundup, your newsletter, soaring into another week of March with a special nod to Women's History Month. This edition celebrates the remarkable achievements of HBCU women, from groundbreaking pilots to the masterminds behind our beloved marching bands. We're showcasing how HBCU alumnae and students are making significant strides in innovation, leadership, and sports.

In This Week's Edition:

  • πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€βœˆοΈ The Trailblazing HBCU Female Pilot

  • 🎢 Inside Marching Band Magic

  • 🌟 FedEx's HBCU Ambassadors Taking Off

  • πŸ’‘ Morgan State's Patent Powerhouse

  • πŸ€ HBCUs' NCAA Tournament Seeding

πŸ‘©πŸΎβ€βœˆοΈ Meet Gabrielle: HBCU's Trailblazing Pilot

Ever dreamed of soaring through the skies? Gabrielle Harding, a Hampton University grad, is living that dream as the only Black female pilot from her program now steering a commercial airline. Her epic journey from college runways to cloud nine is nothing short of inspiring. Gabrielle's story isn't just about altitude; it's a testament to the heights HBCUs can take you.


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🎢 Making the Band: The HBCU Beat of Excellence

HBCU marching bands are more than music; they're the heart of campus culture. Combining hip-hop, R&B, and classical beats, our bands deliver performances that are nothing short of spectacular. They don't just play music; they tell stories, celebrate heritage, and ignite school spirit like no other.

🌟 FedEx Lights Up HBCUs with New Ambassador Program

FedEx has rolled out its latest cohort of HBCU Student Ambassadors, offering students a "super" opportunity to shine. This initiative not only highlights the talents of HBCU scholars but also opens doors to unique experiences and professional growth within the FedEx family.

πŸ’‘ Morgan State's Record-Breaking Innovation

Morgan State University has set a new record, leading all HBCUs with the highest number of patents awarded in a year. This achievement underscores the university's commitment to research, innovation, and empowering students to push boundaries in various fields.

πŸ€ Breaking Down HBCUs' NCAA Tournament Seeding

Ever wondered why HBCU teams land where they do in NCAA tourney brackets? This deep dive reveals the gritty details, from historic challenges to modern triumphs. It's more than just a game; it's a testament to HBCU grit and glory on the national stage.

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πŸ”¦ HBCU Spotlight of the Week: Trailblazing SAU Alumnae

In an unprecedented moment for North Carolina, two Saint Augustine’s University alumnae have been elected mayors, marking the first time three Black women hold such positions simultaneously in the state. Their victories represent a significant leap forward for representation and leadership, showcasing the profound impact SAU and HBCUs have on cultivating leaders ready to make history.

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That wraps up another edition of The HBCU Roundup! We hope this week’s stories leave you inspired and proud of the HBCU community's achievements, history, and future prospects.

Stay engaged, stay informed, and let’s keep the HBCU spirit alive and thriving. We can't wait to bring you more compelling stories and opportunities next week.

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