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  • 🎓 Grad SZN Continues: Rising Stars and Historic Moments at HBCUs! 🚀

🎓 Grad SZN Continues: Rising Stars and Historic Moments at HBCUs! 🚀

It’s that time again to toast our graduates! Explore the remarkable journeys and impactful stories that highlight HBCU grads.

Hey HBCU Fam! 🎓✨

This is The HBCU Roundup, your newsletter, keeping the "Grad SZN" hype alive! As we toast to the caps tossed and futures launched, get ready to dive into stories that shine a light on the awesome achievements and new beginnings of HBCU grads across the country.

In This Week's Edition:

  • 🎓 SSU Grads Get the Ultimate Gift

  • 📰 Journalism Boost at HBCUs

  • 😢 A Frustrating HU Nursing Graduation

  • 🖥️ PROPELing Cybersecurity

  • 👩‍🎓 VP Harris Cheers HBCU Grads

🎓 SSU Grads Get the Ultimate Grad Gift from Pinky Cole Hayes!

Just picture this: You’re stepping off the graduation stage, and boom—Pinky Cole Hayes hands you part of an $8.75 million entrepreneurial starter pack. Savannah State University’s commencement was lit thanks to her incredible gift, sparking futures and dreams.

📰 Journalism Just Got Juicier at HBCUs

Guess what? HBCU student newsrooms are getting a whopping $200,000 to shake things up in journalism. This infusion of funds is a game-changer, aimed at empowering students to tell stories that matter and shape the future of media.

😢 Frustration at Howard's Packed Nursing Graduation

Talk about a full house! Howard University’s nursing graduation became the hot topic when the venue hit capacity, leaving some grads and their families disappointed and stuck outside.

🖥️ PROPELing Cybersecurity at HBCUs

Check this out—PROPEL Innovation Hub has just launched an HBCU Cybersecurity Consortium. This new initiative is set to boost cybersecurity programs across HBCUs, equipping students with cutting-edge skills to tackle tomorrow's tech challenges.

👩🏾‍🎓 A Shoutout from VP Harris to HBCU Grads

VP Kamala Harris is giving props to HBCU grads with a special video message. Her heartfelt congratulations and encouragement reflect the significant achievements and potential of HBCU students nationwide.

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🔦 HBCU Spotlight of the Week: Jahkee Johnson’s Unstoppable Spirit

Meet Jahkee Johnson, a Jackson State University senior who’s turning challenges into triumphs. Despite being a double amputee, Jahkee rocks the Sonic Boom of the South marching band and is acing his health, physical education, and recreation degree. His life motto? "The only disability is a disabled mindset." Jahkee’s resilience and drive are nothing short of inspirational, proving that barriers are just stepping stones to greatness.

🚀 HBCU Opportunities


  • Justice Hero Scholarship - Need $1,000 for college? The Justice Hero Scholarship supports college students and high school seniors entering college this summer. Eligible if you're 18+, a legal US resident or student visa holder, and enrolled full-time at an accredited US university. | Deadline: May 31, 2024

  • Development Fund for Black Students in Science and Technology Scholarship - Pursuing a tech degree at an HBCU? DFBSST offers scholarships up to $3,000 annually, based on academic merits, personal essays, and financial need. Renewable for up to four years. | Deadline: June 15, 2024

💰 Looking for more ways to fund your education? Check out our extensive list of scholarships tailored for HBCU students. Find Your Scholarship.


  • Harvard University, Preceptor in Computer Science -
    Dive into AI and data science at Harvard. Manage and develop course materials, support students, and lead classes. Ideal for those with a CS degree, teaching experience, and ethical problem-solving skills. | Apply by: May 27, 2024

  • Northeastern University, Data Engineer - Enhance research with your data engineering skills at Northeastern's Internet Democracy Initiative. Required: Bachelor’s or higher in a relevant field, proficiency in Python/R, ETL, MongoDB, and statistical methods.

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As 'Grad SZN' continues to roll out the red carpet for our graduating HBCU heroes, we’re pumped to bring you these tales of triumph and transition. Whether it's breaking new ground in academia, excelling in athletics, or making waves in the arts, our community's spirit shines through each story.

Keep tuning in for more weekly features that spotlight the brilliance, creativity, and resilience of the HBCU family.

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